Top 10 Free E-mail client Software

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    E-mail is not as popular as it once was. People often contact each other through Facebook rather than use their e-mail, but there is still need for an e-mail, especially for a more private form of communication. The user should know that there is no expectation of privacy with e-mail and administrators can read the e-mails. They also have a duty to do so. The user can keep some privacy by downloading e-mails from the server. To do this, he neds an e-mail client software. There are many different pieces of client software, some are bundled with different operating systems.

    1. Mozilla Thunderbird. Mozilla Thunderbird offers the power of the browser in an e-mail client. Users can select multiple e-mail accounts and use newsgroups on their own. They can get it from their own server or from anothr company.
    2. Icedove. Icedove is Mozilla Thunderbid, at least it started out that way. Icedove is available to users o Debian based Linux systems. Windows versions may be available if a user wants to port the code. The functionality is the same.
    3. Outlook Express. This is the scaled down version of Outlook that comes bundled with Windows. It makes the list of top 10 because of its popularity, but the user knows that the program has many security holes that make it vulnerable. Office’s Outlook client replaces it if it is installed.
    4. Evolution. Many Linux distributions come with Evolution as the default e-mail client. Ubuntu and Debian have started to move away from packing it with their distribution. Ubuntu has switched to Thunderbird while Debian has moved to Icedove.
    5. Balsa. Balsa is another Linux e-mail client. It works with the Gnome desktop.
    6. Opera. Opera is best known for its browser, but it also makes an e-mail client tat works across many different operating systems. It can even be used from inside the browser.
    7. Squirrel Mail. Squirrel Mail is an e-mail client that works as a server client. It is distributed under the Gnu public license. It lets users access the item from the mail.
    8. Horde. Horde is a program that is similar to Squirrel Mail. It offers a similar interface, but it is a little bit harder to use. Personal preferences will determine what a person uses.
    9. Mail. Mail is the program that comes with the default operating system. There are even versions used on the iOS used by the iPohne and the iPad

    The list mentioned the top 10 e-mail clients and there are others, but these are the most popular ones and even some obscure ones used.